ASTA-x – Accurate Handheld
GPS and RTK Solution

ASTA-x is an accurate handheld GPS and RTK solution for in-field point location on a grid and data collection in-field. Powered by a rugged GIS GNSS receiver for online and offline operations.

About Risutec ASTA-x
The Accurate Handheld GPS and RTK Solution

ASTA-x will help you locate the nearest geopoint on a predefined grid with centimeter-level accuracy for planting, pole planting, pitting, mounding, drilling, and other applications that benefit from establishing a defined spacement. It’s the ideal solution for forestry, viticulture, orchards, and more.

Real-time documentation allows you to document results on any numerical variables of interest with precise, georeferenced data points. ASTA-x includes a cloud-hosted service for data retrieval and manipulation as well as powerful APIs that enable real-time integration with any GIS or geographical ERP-system. The solution also facilitates business process re-engineering between contractors and clients, providing more transparency between parties, like moving from hourly or by-area remuneration to spot-based or unit-based billing.

How the ASTA-x works

ASTA-x works in online with multi-band RTK and offline modes with GPS

ASTA-x works in online and offline modes. In offline, or GPS-mode, the unit achieves meter accuracy suitable for most data collection tasks in data-entry and growth monitoring applications. In online mode, the ASTA-x uses the cellular network for multi-band RTK to deliver centimeter-level accuracy in seconds. Online mode enables precise in-field operations for drilling, pitting, and especially with the grid functionality applications with rigorous spacement requirements such as fruit tree or foresty planting.

Marking and grid operations in Online mode


You start by assigning the distance between lines in centimeters


The operator marks the starting point


Assign the spacement between objects (poles, pits, seedlings, etc.) on the line, in centimeters


The device is moved to a location indicating the direction of the line at least 10 meters away, and point “B” is marked


Move the device to the zero-point position, i.e., the starting point – “A” – that instantiates the line


The device always guides you to the nearest point, regardless of whether it is already marked

Documentation and growth monitoring in Online and Offline modes

The ASTA-x service creates a project for the subjects under assessment, such as species or variety, planting depth, growth, diameter, fertilization rate, humidity, temperature – any measurable variable of interest


Power-on the handheld device, it connects to the internet automatically


The operator assesses the point for variables of interest and validates the location


ASTA-x activates the project of interest and is now ready for use (even in Offline mode)


Upon work completion, the operator uploads the collected data to the project


The handheld device guides the operator to the geopoint (location) under assessment


Real-time monitoring of device location is possible as long as the ASTA-x is online

Technical Specifactions

The ASTA-x enables high update rates with highly dynamic applications in mind for centimeter accuracy in a small and energy efficient module. Correction works over the cellular network in 2G and 4G modes, and comes with a robust tripod (7 kg, length 50 cm, breadth 22 x 27 cm).

Multi-band GNSS receiver

Multi-band RTK with fast convergence times and reliable performance

Concurrent reception of GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou

ASTA-x Key Features

Base-station and Rover

One base station can operate/cover many handheld/in-field devices - save compared to traditional GNSS systems.

Integration Options

Overlay in-field results on your preferred map for reporting and research. ASTA-x comes with integration points for any GIS or GEO ERP interface.

Grid Operations

You can create a spatial grid for various applications, such as orchard pole planting or forestry operations. For crane-mounted options see our ASTA product.

Contractor Management

Contractor and sub-contractor management through the cloud-hosted management console.

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