Intensifying Wood Production on Slopes: Everything You Need To Know

wood production on slopes

Intensifying Wood Production on Slopes: Everything You Need to Know Realistically speaking, the growing world population will need more food to survive in the long term.   If it remains unchecked, climate change will destroy large areas of farmland. Droughts will force us to find more fields for everything from cattle grazing to seeding. Key […]

Forestry Excavators in Mechanical Planting

forestry excavator

Forestry Excavators in Mechanical Planting Each year, about 15 billion trees are cut down, but only 1/3 of those are replaced. If you’re looking for a forestry excavator to assist in mechanically planting trees, it’s important to consider all the different aspects of excavator properties before making a purchase. Most important, don’t think of the […]

Planting for the Future

mechanical planting length of operations

Planting for the Future Planting for the Future – Eoghan Daly reports on the experiences of one Finnish contractor using a proven mechanical means of planting trees. In planting mechanisation of contrast the forestry lags to all well cycle, of other behind tree the parts other operations, particularly harvesting.    As an example of what […]

Water Gel Use in Mechanized Silviculture

water gel

Water Gel Use in Mechanized Silviculture Water gel, or water retention gel, is a polymer that holds water around the seedling roots. The gel gradually releases water and nutrients to the root of the plant. China, South-America, and the Southern African region are some of the areas where water gel is used in commercial forestry. […]

Soil Cultivation Methods for Mechanical Reforestation

soil cultivation

Main Soil Treatment for Mechanical Reforestation As of 2019, the production of wood products around the world saw the highest growth that it had in 70 years. Therefore, as someone who works in forestry, your job is more essential than ever before.   That’s why we’ll take a look at pitting, bucketing, ripping, and mounding […]