Forestry Excavators in Mechanical Planting

forestry excavator

Each year, about 15 billion trees are cut down, but only 1/3 of those are replaced. If you’re looking for a forestry excavator to assist in mechanically planting trees, it’s important to consider all the different aspects of excavator properties before making a purchase.

Most important, don’t think of the choice of forestry excavator being about the product itself but rather the service the dealer can provide.

So consider the particular needs of your job and the landscape you are planting on. Then find the best possible servicer to meet those needs.


Best Features for Pitched Land

If you are working on the land at an angle, look for excavators with thicker tracks. These will provide balance. 

These tracks should also be extended. The danger of slipping on slopes when tracks are short is real. Keep yourself or workers safe with appropriately sized tracks. 

The hill will provide better traction, but make certain you have set yourself up for success with the right equipment.


Sizing Options

Asking yourself which excavator should I choose? Start with the basics. Forestry excavators should be 20-tons minimum for large planting machines like the ASP-series. For mid-size range SKB and PM machines 16-ton machines work well. For the smallest PM models, you can work with a 12-ton excavator. They must be large enough to finish the job.

16-ton forestry excavator

Any smaller than this, and you likely will not have the power required for machine planting. 


Don’t forget to add in the weight of the load as well to calculate the total weight during operation. Is the land you are working on likely to be damaged by a particular weight? Is any of it fragile or unstable? Discuss weight calculations with your supplier for the safest options.


Around the 20-ton mark, you are unlikely to do damage to stable ground, though you will, of course, leave tracks. Consider any other physical limits, such as narrow entrances to a site, when choosing a size.


Maintenance Expectation

As noted above, choosing an excavator from a seller with after-sale service is essential. You will want to ask questions about service expectations before making a purchase. 


You should not have to shut down production for three days while you are still waiting on maintenance. 


If you’ve already made an excavator purchase and are wondering if they are holding up their end of the bargain, check your filters. If these are dirty, you will know maintenance is being skimped on. 


Also, check the radiator. Much like a car, if it is dirty, the excavator will not run.


Your maintenance company should also supply parts. Look for a company with a long history whose supply chain is well-established.


Choosing the Right Forestry Excavator

Now that you know how to choose the right excavator, you’ll be able to pick out the best excavator and maintenance company for your needs.


Don’t get married to excavator manufacturers. Instead, choose the best service. This way you don’t lose time from operations.


Concentrate on service and must-have features when buying a forestry excavator. Don’t under-buy on size. Reach out to Risutec to learn more.