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Rapid re-planting with the ASP-150

The bark beetle has been spreading like wildfire and destroying forests across Europe. With large areas in need of re-planting and a general shortage of workers to do the hard work of replanting, industrial forestry in large parts of Europe is at a standstill. Luckily, Risutec has developed the ASP-150 planter to enable rapid re-planting of decimated areas.

Risutec Ltd

Risutec Ltd develops and sells systems and equipment for the use of forestry companies, contractors and landowners. Our goal is to modernize silviculture and increase the performance of forest use. Our advantages lay within agility and undeniable expertise. Welcome to explore our solutions for improving your processes for planting and maintaining forests!

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New releases at the “Länsirannikon Konepäivät”!

Hello everyone! Once again we will be taking part in the machinery show, Länsirannikon Konepäivät, in our neighboring town of Ulvila, Western Finland. This time it is the organizers, Satakunta heavy equipment contractors association’s 50th-year celebration and for that, Risutec is bringing in some new products to be seen for the first time! Visitors can have a look at completely new, extremely versatile planting unit, where you can attach any soil cultivation tool to it and switch it up depending on the conditions you are planting. For example, you can choose from a ripper, different types of bucket or pitting ...
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South Savo area keeping pace with development

South Savo area in Finland is showing that they are serious about keeping up with the forestry tech development. Forest companies like Metsä Group and UPM have been long using ASTA systems by Risutec for soil preparation quality control and increasing operators productivity. Last year, the Forest Management Association in south Savo introduced ASTA systems on their own sites, and now the first ASTAs are being used for teaching purposes as well. The Forest school in Mikkeli starts to teach students to use modern tools like ASTA while doing mounding to prepare the students for real-life requirements and with skills ...
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The interest for mechanized planting from the state direction is on the rise

Right now, there are open invitations to tender mechanical planting for the state managed forests in Finland and in Latvia. It demonstrates that the state forest managers are more concerned about increasing the quality of planting operations and their overall wood production. In Finland it has been studied by the Natural research centre that mechanically planted seedlings survive better compared to manually planted. Seedlings planted to freshly prepared ground have the best conditions to withstand the draught periods and competition edge to coming surrounding vegetation growth as well. This spring it is also expected that the data produced with ASTA-system ...
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A new video from Chile!

How are the most advanced forest companies planting in 2018? Watch this video to see what they do to reach better work conditions and better planting results with less erosion. The video was filmed by our customer. Thank you so much for sending it to us! ...
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