Forestry Machinery for Silviculture

Forestry Machinery for Productive Silviculture

Risutec Forestry Machinery
 for Productive Silviculture

Forestry companies and operators are increasingly realizing the benefits of mechanized silviculture. Forestation, afforestation and reforestation in remote locations without properly trained employees and abscense of forestry equipment is a major problem in regeration and establishment operations. Combined with the pressure from owners to show ever increasing yields, players are turning to Risutec Forestry for modern silvicultural solutions.

Start Realizing the Benefits of Mechanized Silviculture

So Many Hectares,

Such a Short Season

Let's face it, not everyone likes to run around with a shovel anymore. Risutec offers a range of planting machinery to extend the season on both ends as well as allowing you to plant around the clock. Upskill your workforce and start maximizing your yields with our solutions for large establishments and reforesting operations.

Mound it,
Like You Mean it

In wet conditions, you need a planter that can mound the soil. Our planters have been developed together with academia, providing operators with scientifically proven soil cultivation methods for wet conditions. Whether you're dealing with the Nordic frost or tropical wetlands, start employing the right mounding techniques today.

Got Slash? No Problem!

What should you do about that slash? Should you burn it? Maybe mulch it? Why not just plant with one of our resilient and powerful planting heads? Clear the slash with our planting head and shape the soil to meet your standards. Our planters can plant in rocky and steep slopes, without the need to bulldoze or rip, and thereby avoid eroding that precious soil. 

Let's Get Digital

Digitization is coming to forestry. In fact, it has already arrived with Risutec's purpose built reporting solutions and guiding systems. Achieve full transparency in field operations and avoid errors stemming from manual data entry. Shift planning can be done ahead of time to guide in-field operators for optimal results.

Risutec Combines All Planting Stages

With Risutec solutions you combine all stages of forestry building, not just the planting or pitting!
Our solutions enable streamlined operations by reducing the amount of process stages thereby allowing you to realize savings on establishment costs.


Spot Soil Cultivation with Methods for Varying Conditions

Knowing which soil cultivation method to use is only half the battle. You need to have the operational capability to implement soil treatment while maintaining a high level of quality. Risutec machinery comes with various soil treatment applications for improved yields and higher survival rates,


High-Yielding and Consistent Planting Results with Low Mortality

Back-packers and other "seasonal-labor" don't produce quality planting results. But passionate professionals operating with the right skills and tools do. The silviculturalist can depend on Risutec's patented planting equipment, which will exceed strict benchmark-yields while achieving extremely high survival rates.


Post-Planting Applications: Water, Herbicide, Pesticide and Fertilizer

Every establishment is a snowflake. Get as granular (pun intended) with water, herbicide, pesticide and fertilize applications as your operations require. You'll get to reap the rewards of spot soil cultivation along with the significant cost savings that comes from precise application of materials.


Guidance and Reporting for Greater Control

Know what's happening in-field in real time. Monitor the progress of your planting operations on a per tree basis. See what works, and test your way to improved results. By employing guidance systems you can plant effectively around the clock, while significantly decreasing safety risks.


The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

With fully mechanized establishment you'll be able to cut processes needed in manual and semi-mechanized out of your operations, all the while increasing the quality of planting results. Just imagine the effect on your operations, as well as the total cost of establishment, once all stages in the reforesting process have been combined!

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