Pitting planter for rapid establishment and agile operations


Whether you're planting to save the planet or planting for industrial use the Risutec ASP-150 should be your first choice. Plant anything in a pot, whether it's a tree seedling or grass, the ASP-150 can handle it. Rapid re-filling cassette for speed, suitable for planting resilient mixed stands. It can be used on slopes of up till 25 degrees. Suitable for excavators over 16 tons.

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The ASP150 supports planting resilient stands

The bark beetle has been having a significant detrimental economic impact on European forestry. One solution to this problem is to plant a mixed stand. The bark beetle mainly eats firs, so planting firs along with deciduous trees is one common solution. The ASP-150 supports this by allowing for planting multiple seedlings of different sizes and mixing species in the planting casette, helping to build a more natural and diverse new forest.

Technical Specificaitons

Seedling capacity 150/400 seedlings

Dry weight 1900kg

Options for fertilizer watering and deer repellent

Minimum output 160 bar and 120 l/min at the free end of the boom

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