ASTA documentation system shows seedling and mound locations, and planting and clearing areas in real time

 Information/order phone number +358 50 338 9160

ASTA documentation system is a cost efficient method for reporting and showing seedling and mound locations, areas, planting densities and planted amounts in real time. ASTA can also be used in documenting clearing areas.

ASTA includes a counter for working efficiency, ensures the planted area visually and provides a simple tool for reporting and modifying the planting data in various ways afterwards. It can be attached to all forestry machines and all Risutec equipment.

ASTA benefits:

  • Accurate documented material is easy to distribute, store and post-process.
  • It can be used as a basis for payment by using area or amount of seedlings. ASTA can change area-based billing into unit-based billing.
  • Real time information can help to react to and improve the situation immediately. For example, overdensity is an expense.
  • Measuring the densities manually is an expense, ASTA removes the need for manual measurements.
  • Ordering the amount of seedlings is based on the information on the amount of mounds.
  • System functions simultaneously with map programs (parallel to ASTA, depending upon tablet specifications)

Example calculation of the savings 100 ha / 100 days:

  • Overdensity per hectare 200 pcs, mounding cost 350 €/ha, mounding area 100 ha = 3500 €
  • Printout is accepted as the measuring result for several companies. 20 min more saved working time per day = 20 € / day = 2000 €

Portable ASTA- device:

  • For control measurement purposes
  • Length for roads, ditches or other lines
  • Works with 9V battery
  • For demo use

Example printout of mounding

Planting data can be processed afterwards in various ways - for example place it onto a map handling GPX data (i.e. Google Maps)

Technical specifications:

  • +/-1 meter accuracy*
  • Capability to browse previous sites
  • PDF, PNG, XML and GPX files
  • 12V / 24V voltage
  • Mobile, can be used on a Android based phone or tablet

*in optimal csc conditions

Example printout of total clearing