The State Has Increased Interest for Mechanized Tree Planting

Right now, there are open invitations to tender mechanical planting for the state managed forests in Finland and in Latvia. It demonstrates that the state forest managers are more concerned about increasing the quality of planting operations and their overall wood production. In Finland it has been studied by the Natural research centre that mechanically planted seedlings survive better compared to manually planted. Seedlings planted to freshly prepared ground have the best conditions to withstand the draught periods and competition edge to coming surrounding vegetation growth as well.

This spring it is also expected that the data produced with ASTA-system from the planted areas will be used by the Finnish Forest Centre to update Finland’s forest resource database.

 Links to the tender invitations:

Claudia at work practice

Claudia from Chile did work practice at our office for two weeks. She and her family moved to Finland in the summer and she is now studying Finnish.  An intership is a part of those studies. Claudia’s work included for example translating documents from Finnish to Spanish. She says she’s enjoyed working here and her workmates are nice. Work practice has helped with learning Finnish. Claudia has been studying the language for only two months so speaking is sometimes hard.  By listening to her workmates she has learned new things.

Claudia likes living in Finland. Her family is happy here and they feel like home. She says cleanliness, safety and environmental awarness are the best things about Finland.

Two weeks went by fast. Finnish is a difficult language to learn but Claudia is motivated to learn. Her vocabulary grew and we got useful translations and new experiences with different cultures. This work practice was mutually benefitial!


Congratulations to Luke in Suonenjoki!

Congratulations to Luke’s (Natural Resources Institute Finland) office in Suonenjoki where forests have been researched for 50 years. At Tuesday’s celebration there were several great speeches about research orientations nowadays and in the future. Researcher Karri Uotila talked about Risutec ASTA documentation system regarding forest machines producing more accurate data. After the speeches a tour of the research facility was given and samples presenting different diseases in trees were shown.


Thank you for inviting us and congratulations once more. Keep up the good work!