Claudia at work practice

Claudia from Chile did work practice at our office for two weeks. She and her family moved to Finland in the summer and she is now studying Finnish.  An intership is a part of those studies. Claudia’s work included for example translating documents from Finnish to Spanish. She says she’s enjoyed working here and her workmates are nice. Work practice has helped with learning Finnish. Claudia has been studying the language for only two months so speaking is sometimes hard.  By listening to her workmates she has learned new things.

Claudia likes living in Finland. Her family is happy here and they feel like home. She says cleanliness, safety and environmental awarness are the best things about Finland.

Two weeks went by fast. Finnish is a difficult language to learn but Claudia is motivated to learn. Her vocabulary grew and we got useful translations and new experiences with different cultures. This work practice was mutually benefitial!


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