New releases at the “Länsirannikon Konepäivät”!

Hello everyone! Once again we will be taking part in the machinery show, Länsirannikon Konepäivät, in our neighboring town of Ulvila, Western Finland.

This time it is the organizers, Satakunta heavy equipment contractors association’s 50th-year celebration and for that, Risutec is bringing in some new products to be seen for the first time!

Visitors can have a look at completely new, extremely versatile planting unit, where you can attach any soil cultivation tool to it and switch it up depending on the conditions you are planting. For example, you can choose from a ripper, different types of bucket or pitting tool.

We also have a new additional option to present, deer repellent applier for our planting and young stand tending units. You can now protect your valuable new plantations from animals that would otherwise be looking to feast on your young trees!

The event is free of charge, come to have look at the new releases and meet us!