Risutec III

Professional level young forest tending machine for harvesters and excavators

Risutec III is the most efficient model for young stand tending. It is designed for large areas of young forests. It is an excellent choice for accurate tending work and light harvesters. Versatility and high cutting capacity of Risutec III give it a good rate of efficiency in young forest tending and clearing. It also can be used to cut natural growth from eucalyptus stems!

With Risutec TRC, typically 0,2-0,3 ha/h can be handled in young stand tending.

Technical specifications:

  • Cutting capacity 320 mm
  • Weight 550 kg
  • Blade diameter 600 mm
  • Minimum flow 80 l/min
  • Max. flow 120 l/min
  • Working pressure 200-230 bar
  • Connection to an excavator (optional)