Risutec M50ex

Delimbing tree shear for excavators over 13 tons

Risutec M50ex is the right choice for cleaning up ditches and making firewood.

Risutec M50ex is based on a strong guillotione type cutting system, equipped with separate cutting and grappling systems. Risutec M50ex can be also used to delimb a standing tree by moving the shear up and down along the tree trunk.

Optionally available turning feature is beneficial especially for energy wood harvesting in the forest. Risutec M50ex can be equipped also with a stump treatment system.

Technical specifications:

  • Cutting capacity 260 mm
  • Grappling opening 900 mm
  • Selectable attachment
  • Separately guided cutting and grappling
  • Weight 730 kg
  • Required oil flow 80-150 l/min
  • Max pressure 240 bar

Available options:

  • Multi handling grapples
  • Rotator
  • Stump spikes
  • Stump treatment system, additional information can be found here