Deep soil cultivating planting head suitable also for steep slopes
Risutec SKB-180 is an effective planting head for large plantations of eucalyptus, pine and other subtropical seedlings with a pot. Sub soiling feature is designed for deep soil preparation. It can be used on slopes of up till 30 degrees, and with excavators starting from 16 tons. Risutec SKB-180 can be refilled an efficient refilling mechanism that speeds up the planting process especially on areas with difficult access.

Technical specifications:

  • Weight 1500 kg
  • 700 mm subsoiling depth
  • 180 seedling capacity

Available options:

  • Granula fertilizer 0,05-1 kg / seedling
  • Irrigation system 0,5-3,5 l / seedling
  • Water gel
  • Herbiciding
  • ASTA documentation system for registering the planted locations, additional information can be found here
  • TASK guiding system for leading the drive to the accurate planting location, additional information can be found here