Planting head with excellent mounding capabilities for 10-18 ton excavators. Risutec TK-series planting machine is an extremely good choice to speed up the planting process and improve quality when planting Northern tree species. They are recommended for semi-dry and moist terrains due to their excellent mounding capabilities. They are suitable also for rockier terrains due to its sturdy design. They are recommended especially for medium-size excavators (12-18 tons).



Technical specifications:


  • Seedling capacity 120 pcs
  • A rotating (carousel) seedling cassette
  • Adjustable planting depth
  • Weight 1100 kg
  • Width 140 cm
  • Height 170 cm
  • Length 240 cm



Technical specifications:


  • Seedling capacity 198 pcs
  • A comb cassette
  • Adjustable seedling sealing pressure and planting depth
  • Touchscreen in the cabin
  • Plant in tube -detector
  • Weight 1300 kg
  • Width 230 cm
  • Height 170 cm
  • Length 240 cm
  • Seedling height max. 450 mm

Available options


  • Turning mounding plate
  • Bortrac fertilizer sprayer
  • Herbicide/insecticide sprayer
  • Granula fertilizer supplier
  • Watering system
  • Seedling in tube detector
  • Camera
  • Remote adjusting system
  • Seedling rack
  • Pine seeder, addition information can be found here
  • ASTA documentation system for registering the planted locations, additional information can be found here
  • TASK guiding system for leading the operator to the accurate planting location, additional information can be found here