Why You Should Consider Integrated Forestation

  • Reforestation is expensive and slow due to multiple steps - With mechanized planting you can combine many different stages, making the reforesting process fast and more economical overall. Combining the different stages will accelerate forest growth, while improving the quality of work. One upshoot of combining stages is the reduced need for weed control, since weeds do not have time to take root between planting stages. And any stages you can leave from your costings will obviously impact your profits positively!
  • Availability, organization, cost and safety of skilled personnel - Not everyone wants to do tough silvicultural work in remote locations. By mechanizing your operations, you will be upskilling people with transferrable skills. In addition, a planter will obviously reduce the need for low-skilled manual labor. With the same number of people, you get significantly more results. More results, which are achieved more cost efficiently and with a significant reduction of safety risk. 
  • A short planting season reduces effective planting time - The reduction of effective planting time will reduce the yield of your forests. With mechanical planting your can work on different process stages simultaneously speeding up your silvicultural operation. Moreover, irrigation increases planting time at both ends of the planting season, and makes it easier to plant in challenging conditions. With our guidance systems the sun will never set on your operations allowing your operations to effectively work around the clock.