R-Series – Professional Stand Tending

The Risutec R-Series is designed with the professional contractor in mind.

About Risutec R-Series

The Risutec R-Series is an efficient mechanical young stand tending machine, suitable for large areas of young stands. It is an excellent choice for precise stand tending for mid-sized carriers and light harvesters. Due to the versatility of the machine and its large cutting capacity, the R-Series provides good profitability for young stand tending and clearing work.

Productivity in young stand tending is 0,2-0,3 ha/h.

Technical Details

Risutec III

For heavy-duty contracting work

  • Cutting capacity 320 mm
  • Weight 550 kg
  • Saw diameter 600 mm
  • Minimum flow 80 l/min
  • Maximum flow 120 l/min
  • Pressure 200-230 bar

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