L-Series – Professional Stand Tending with Biomass Aggregator

A pre clearing energy wood head for a harvester base. Risutec L3A is designed for profitable contracting work that combines pre clearance and energy wood harvest!

About Risutec L3A

Risutec L3A is meant for dense areas that also have lots of energy wood. The entrepreneur can also charge for clearance which makes the profit much higher compared to a traditional energy wood grapple. In dense areas where pre clearance hasn't been done the amount of energy wood is usually a quarter higher than in areas where clearance has been done.

Collecting waste wood from dense areas with this equipment makes the energy wood harvest much faster than ordinary method. For a forest owner the increase in energy wood adds profitability. Risutec L3A is optimal for  dense young forest or non cleared first thinning sites.  Pre clearing, young stand tending, tending and total clearance can be done with this incredible machine! We suggest to use a mid sized or heavy harvester as a carrier.  In suitable dense areas the result for Risutec L3A  can be 7 m3/h.

Standard Parts and Accessories

Get these parts, services and accessories with every L3A installation by default.

  • Radio control - connected to the harvester cabin
  • Equipped with multi handling grapples

Productivity Add-ons for Optimal Contracting

For productive contracting you can opt for these value-added accessories.

  • Risutec stump treatment system

Technical Details


Stand tending saw, with biomassa aggregator

  • 560 kg
  • 120 l/min oil flow
  • 240 bar max pressure
  • 320 mm max cutting capacity

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