M-Series – Road and Railway Clearing with Biomass Aggregator

Delimbing tree shears for excavators over 13 tons. Risutec M-Series is the right choice for cleaning up ditches and making firewood.

About Risutec M-Series

The powerful Risutec M-Series guillotine cutter comes with separate cutting and grappling arms. Risutec M-Series works as a delimber; you can move the shear along the tree trunk for pruning.
An optionally available bunching feature is beneficial, especially for energy wood harvesting in the forest. Stump treatment solution sold separately.

Standard Parts and Accessories

Get these parts, services and accessories with every M-Series installation by default.

  • The device is always Delivered as Standard with the desired attachment and installed on-site.

Productivity Add-ons for Optimal Contracting

For productive contracting you can opt for these value-added accessories.

  • Multi handling grapples help aggregate wood and can be used for sorting into different types.
  • Rotator enables working efficiently and more productively in 360-degrees.
  • Stump spikes for effective stump removal.
  • Stump treatment system to block resprouting.

Technical Details


For 13 tonne excavators and above

  • Cutting capacity 260 mm
  • Grappling opening 900 mm
  • Weight 730 kg
  • Required oil flow 80-150 l/min
  • Max pressure 240 bar

Request More Information, or Receive a Custom Quote

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