T-Series – Farm clearing and stand tending equipment

Light farm clearing and young stand tending machine for tractors and light excavators.

About Risutec T-Series

Risutec TRC is the right choice for young stand tending for light platforms such as tractors and light excavators. It is possible to be fitted into a mini digger in the place of a bucket. It can be also fitted in the place of a suspension link with Risutec dampening suspension link. Ability to cut 360 degrees around the machine increases the productivity.
With Risutec TRC, typically 0,1-0,2 ha/h can be handled in young stand tending.

Standard Parts and Accessories

Get these parts, services and accessories with every TRC installation by default.

  • Delivery included as standard

Productivity Add-ons for Optimal Contracting

For productive contracting you can opt for these value-added accessories.

  • TREX - Additional crane extension for greater reach and functionality.

Technical Details


Compact slow rotating blade

  • Cutting capacity (on one side) 140mm
  • Weight 92 kg
  • Blade diameter 500/ 550 mm
  • Minimum flow 50 l/min
  • Max. flow 70 l/min
  • Working pressure 170-200 bar

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