SKB - For Demanding Reforestation

Combat soil erosion in places that were previously expensive, difficult, or dangerous to plant. Whether you're reforesting slopes or rocky areas the SKB-range provides many tools for demanding conditions.

About Risutec SKB

A versatile machine that tackles even the most challenging terrain. Doing all of the forestation steps with one machine simultaneously will greatly enhance the reforesting process, saving you resources and making your operations safer.

The SKB is suitable for slopes and can also be outfitted with replacement cartridges for rapid reloading and effective operations. This planting head is also used in places where extensive soil shaping, such as terracing or ledges, is needed.

Main Soil Cultivation Method

Ripping for deep rooted trees

The SKB-range of planters comes with a versatile range of accessories, which makes it easy to test different soil cultivation and soil preparation methods and settings. For instance, both soft and extremely hard areas and soil types can be planted by changing the tooling on the unit. Trees can be a very effective way to combat soil erosion, and the SKB is equipped for the toughest of afforestation challenges.

Standard Parts and Accessories

Get these parts, services and accessories with every ASP installation by default.

  • Choose one standard Soil Cultivator Attachment from a disc-ripper, 3-fork ripper, single ripper, pitting tool, open bucket, rake, mounding plate, formed/shaping bucket, V-blade - with a rapid changeover attachment bracket.
  • The Cabin Monitor lets you operate planting settings from the of the carrier cabin.
  • The Leveling Compressed Air Rack houses a compressed air compartment.
  • Adjustable Compaction Paw Pressure and Depth prevents the seedling from popping up on soft ground. The shape of the compaction paws around the seedling ensures up to 90% compaction.
  • Remote Connection Modem, for remote adjusting fucntionality.
  • The ASTA Reporting Solution comes as standard, for GPS powered reporting and control.
  • Variable Planting Depth Adjustment, with two optional planting depths.
  • The device is always Delivered as Standard with the desired attachment and installed on-site.
  • Centralized Greasing Points for daily operations facilitates the maintenance and upkeep of the device.
  • If you are aiming for the most efficient contracting possible, a Planting Event-ready Detector is an absolute necessity.
  • The Seedling in the Tube Indicator indicates that the seedling cassette has been fed successfully. This accessory should be considered especially if the seedlings are of poor quality, for example if the seedling has a lot of roots. The detector saves a lot of time - making sure that the seedling is really in the tube.

Productivity Add-ons for Optimal Contracting

For productive contracting you can opt for these value-added accessories.

  • The Bortrac Applicator is a good choice, especially in old birch areas where there is too little boron. With the application device, the boron fertilizer is automatically applied as an area application during the planting event. The fertilizer is sprayed as a dilute mixture outwards from the seedling onto the adjacent growth area. The applicator includes its own tank and pump.
  • Trico Applicator - During planting, about 50 ml of deer repellent is sprayed on the top of the stem, ensuring the best protection. Trico is applied automatically during the planting cycle.
  • When planting with in sticky soils, such as clay soils, an optional Flushing System will reduce operational delays. At the same time, the water condenses at the bottom of the seedling planting pit, ensuring a higher quality result.
  • For smart contracting, where you want to maintain the optimal condition of the planting machine and save your own labor input, Automatic Greasing is a great choice.
  • Pesticide Applicator - During the planting event, the pestizide agent is automatically applied to the top of the seedling, giving 100% coverage.
  • Fertilize Applicator - Fertilizer can improve seedling survival and root establishment. The fertilizer is applied automatically during the planting event.
  • In the event of a problem or error, the Risutec Remote Diagnostic Device can be used for remote assistance. The remote diagnosis option can also be used to make a change to the program remotely. Remote diagnosis reduces mechanic visits, resulting in significant savings for the contractor.

Technical Details


Main model - used for breaking up hardpans

  • 180 seedling capacity
  • 18 Tonne Carrier
  • 1600 kg


The largest model for heavy-duty contracting

  • 240 seedling capacity
  • 18 Tonne Carrier
  • 1700 kg

Key Features of the SKB

Varying soil cultivation to suit the environment

Sometimes finding the right soil cultivation may require testing different attachments to arrive at the optimal result in terms of forest yields. 

Works in tough conditions

Operate in rocky areas and demanding conditions. Use the open bucket to shape the soil, e.g., terracing for slopes.

Integrated guidance

Risutec TASK Guiding system speeds up the planting process and saves resources by planting several rows
without moving the excavator tracks.

Navigate hills and replant burnt areas

The SKB works well in hilly terrain, for replanting burnt areas or restoring degraded land, e.g., soil compaction caused by centuries of grazing.

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