Productive Stand Tending
for Increasing Forest Growth and Yields

Risutec designs and manufactures professional forestry stand tending equipment and accessories suitable for various base machines and carriers – like excavators and harvesters.
Mechanized and integrated stand tending enables the combination of work processes - for example, stump treatment combined with clearing work. We offer contractors, forest companies, and self-sufficient forest and land-owners the right tools for profitable and efficient stand tending and clearing. Our stand tending equipment fits excavators, harvesters, and tractors depending on the product.
We hope that all those interested will be in touch with us, as we are continually developing new equipment to maximize the production potential of the forest. Your opinion is important to us!

Young stand tending, thinning and pre-clearing

The concept of seedling care can be used in this context to refer to the early germination of seedlings (thinning of seedlings), in which the growth of the production stand, i.e. primarily the deciduous stand, is removed. Subsequent seedling care, on the other hand, refers to the thinning of the production stand to the growing density.

Pre-thinning, on the other hand, enhances timber harvesting in many ways, enabling faster and more cost-efficient felling among other things.

Energy tree recovery in connection with stand tending
Overcrowded young forests, are a great opportunity for profitable energy-wood recovery. The rehabilitation of a young forest should be combined with the collection of energy wood if the market price in whole timber is favorable.

The aim of post-establishment forest management and silviculture tools – such as, young stand tending, early thinning, and pre-clearing is to ensure that the return on investment in the regeneration phase remains as optimal as possible. (Source: Luke)