ASP – Forestation for Large Establishments

Reduce planting costs, expand establishments and extend your planting season – the ASP Planter is Geared Toward Maximal Efficiency for Large Establishments and Reforesting Operations.

About Risutec ASP

The ASP is designed for establishment and reforestation of pine, eucalyptus, and other subtropical seedlings in a pot. Risutec ASP makes forestry building more efficient. The ASP planter enables afforestation projects using natural seedlings for mixed stand forest creation and maximal carbon capture.With a capacity of up to 720 seedlings per loading, the ASP-range enables efficient operations. The ASP employs sub-soiling cultivation with a durable pitting unit. We recommend operating on semi-arid and arid flat terrains.

Main Soil Cultivation Method

Pitting for deep rooted trees

The ASP uses a pitting soil cultivator that crushes the soil without cutting it. The pitting head will loosen the soil avoiding glazing under normal condition. In optimal soil conditions, only a quarter rotation is needed for soil cultivation – speeding up operations further. Operators can use the pitting bars to remove slash and harvesting residue. The pitting attachment has an approximate cracking depth of 60 cm with an 80cm diameter. Length of red bar = 1 meter.

Standard Parts and Accessories

Get these parts, services and accessories with every ASP installation by default.

Productivity Add-ons for Optimal Contracting

For productive contracting you can opt for these value-added accessories.

Technical Details

Instance 1


Flexible, for landscaping and natural seedlings


Medium slope ascendage, productive plater for euca and pine


The fastest, most effective way to plant on the flats

Key Features of the ASP

Upskilling the workforce

Planting work is hard and often dangerous. We turn the seasonal manual laborers into permanent machine operators, mechanics and operations professionals.

Rapid reloading

Operate at the highest capacity with the aid of rapid loading cassettes and a patented planting mechanism. Recommended for semi-dry and dry flat terrains

Integrated guidance

Risutec TASK Guiding system speeds up the planting process and saves resources by planting several rowswithout moving the excavator tracks.

Mechanical reforestation

Use the larger casette size for natural seedlings and reforestation/afforestation projects, or for landscape contracting.

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